1. Overview


I have dedicated myself to providing specialist English and Foreign Language tuition to industry leading professionals, from the world of business and entertainment, since 1984. Through an innovative and forward thinking approach I was the first in Korea to introduce tuition over the

phone back in 1995. I have passionately been involved in the design and development of textbooks specifically for the purpose of phone tutoring.

I employ a unique approach to coaching you through your acquisition of a second language,

which focuses on short but intensive courses that enable you to achieve mastery more quickly. Over my extensive years of experience I have developed strategies that identify your individual needs with unrivalled precision.

Through my extensive network of expert teachers I can provide tuition in Russian, Chinese and Vietnamese. I understand the importance of perfect pronunciation and cultural idiosyncrasies so

I guarantee to partner my students with native tutors. All of our teachers are personally trained by me to ensure that the strong ethos of this company is maintained.

                   “It’s not the time spent that counts but how you use it.”

2. 교재

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